chapter 1

The Act of Collecting

chapter 2

The Object’s Voice

chapter 3

Whoops, It Broke

chapter 4

Obsolescence & the Better Mousetrap

chapter 5

Plumb Wore Out

chapter 6

Taste Changed

chapter 7

Owners Lost Faith

chapter 8

Owners Lost Interest

chapter 9

Owners Grew Up

chapter 10

nobody cared

chapter 11

Got Lost

chapter 12

Part of Something Bigger

chapter 13

Used Up

chapter 14

Better in the Afterlife

chapter 15

A Bad Idea in the First Place

chapter 16

Never Made Enough

chapter 17

Conceived for Provisional Utility

chapter 18

Made for One Use Only

chapter 19

Unintended Survivors

chapter 20

Lists, Mental Collections, and Deaccessioning

chapter 21

So What’s Left?

chapter 22

Just in Time

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